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Tek, Mini Tek, ProPocket and ePen, VoiceLink and eCharger
The world is more connected than ever before. Siemens wireless solutions mean you can now stream audio direct from your mobile phone, TV or music player and control what you listen to with your hearing aid remote control. Listed below are the products we offer at London Ear Centre that are compatible with Siemens hearing instruments.
Mini Tek
ProPocket / ePen
 Voice Link

For further information on the above listed products please click on the image.

Tinnitus Maskers
These devices are very helpful for those struggling to cope with tinnitus. They work by providing excellent wide-band noise in to ears when worn, thus helping to retrain the brain with the objective to banish the tinnitus below the threshold of consciousness, enabling users to manage their tinnitus more effectively. These devices are available in ITE, BTE and Open Fit options.

Sound Generators
A wide range of sound generators are also available, and work by playing low level soothing sounds and melodies to mask tinnitus. These can either be stand alone or incorporated into pillows (for those mainly having troublesome tinnitus whilst trying to sleep).

TV Listening Systems
A range of infra-red stereo TV assistive listening systems are also available. These are lightweight, easily operated and enable assistive listening anywhere in the room without the need for cables and without disturbing others.

Covert Inductive Earpieces
Earpieces allowing for clear communication, to be used in conjunction with an induction neck loop. Available in sub-miniature size for ultimate discreetness and are suitable for police, security companies and for those working in TV.

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